Who We Help

Local GP Surgery
Missing or forgetting appointments is a big problem for many GP surgeries. We have helped some across Birmingham manage this problem with the installation of software that will text a person the day before and the morning of their appointment. Anyone texting back no means the surgery can open up more spaces at the last minute for people too.

National Cosmetic Surgery
We have helped some across the country with the security of their software. Our software is also used for patient monitoring, especially when it comes to complicated treatments like mole removal from Snowberry Lane. Our dedicated team help make bespoke software solutions based on doctor/staff preferentials.

Estate Agents

We helped develop a piece of software for an estate agents in Wickham Market that would help everyone in the company keep contact with customers and prospective clients. We made a cloud based sync contact folder that allowed for anyone to check up on contact details without having to phone others and waste company time.

Bus Stops
You’ve probably noticed that a lot of bus stops now have a screen with the time left before a bus reaches the stop. This is an area we’ve worked very hard in. We make the software that links the bus to a network that not only helps passengers see when a bus will be coming, but helps the bus companies track the time a bus really takes along a route and can help to improve targets and efficiency.

Inducomm Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Services

The vast majority of people out there won't know much about air conditioning units, industrial evaporative coolers or water chillers for sale but they are all very important things that keep a number of businesses up and running. Helping people understand what is needed and where you can buy them is extremely helpful should the need arise. You can find out more about the industry by clicking here.



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