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Hello and welcome to Pragma Tech, the most approachable Computer Science network on the internet.

We specialise in the theory of computation and the design of computational systems but want to make this a process that is open to anyone with an interest or need and not a closed sector.

We at Pragma Tech understand that not everyone will understand all the processes and terms that we might use on a day to day basis so we work together with our clients to give you a full understanding of how we get from A to B.

We think it is important for everyone on a project to be able to understand certain aspects of a process without having to have a degree in Computer Sciences.

Pragma Tech are proud to be recognised as the company that can get the work done to the highest possible standard while retaining an approachable quality that helps our clients attain a level of understanding that is not readily available on the market.

Why choose us?

We are experts in our industry with years of computer science networking. Here are some more reasons to partner with us:

  • 20+ years in business
  • More than 800 successful projects
  • Approachable Computer Science Network
  • Innovative solutions to your problems
  • Broad horizon of IT expertise

New Services

As we are constantly expanding as an Technology company - we would like to introduce the new services we are providing:

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